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Neck injuries are among the most common injuries that occur in a car accident. You’re driving cautiously, then, suddenly, get hit from behind. Your car may have suffered very little damage. You feel a bit achy, shake it off and head home. Only later does the neck pain flare up.

What Are the First Steps You Should Take If You Suspect An Injury?

Even an accident that occurs at a slow speed can still cause significant injuries. Your car may have seemingly minor damage, but you’ll get it checked out to be sure. You need to do the same for yourself. The first step is to get a medical examination.

After the shock from the accident wears off, you may have symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, weakness, numbness, or even spasms. Some of these symptoms could be a sign of whiplash or something even more serious. If any of these symptoms occur, you should seek medical assistance. Some damage can only be seen through x-rays and other tests. This is not just about money. It is about your well-being.

How Do You Know the Value Of Your Injury?

There are a few points to keep in mind that affect the settlement for a neck injury. One of the strongest determining factors is the severity of the injury. Neck injuries can range from strains and sprains, to fractured vertebrae with extensive damage.

The more extensive and permanent the damage the greater the likelihood for a high settlement. Broken bones tend to get higher payouts than soft tissue damage, such as whiplash. The need for surgery can also be an important factor. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help evaluate your case and injuries.

How Can You Estimate What a Fair Value of a Settlement?

Certain damages like lost wages and medical expenses are easier to measure. Future medical expenses can also be considered in a settlement. Make sure you have accurate information as to what your ongoing medical expenses may be. Other damages such as “pain and suffering” can be more difficult to measure.

Pain and suffering includes physical pain, as well as the emotional and mental suffering that occurred. You could have suffered anxiety or post-traumatic stress from the accident and the injury. Pain and suffering will also include the loss of enjoyment of your daily activities and the inconveniences that arose from the accident.

Every injury and every person is different. Your injury may prevent you from going back to work, while another person with the same injury but a different job may be able to return to work. You may have permanent injuries or scars that will last a lifetime.

Each case needs to be analyzed for its particular details. You should see an attorney to learn how to prepare and what to expect. An attorney can also guide you on how to address any quick settlement offers that come from an insurance company.