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California residents and visitors are so used to driving that most would not even think about what to do after a car or truck accident. Los Angeles car accident statistics from the CDC state that our city faces an average of 848 fatal car crashes per year, and that does not even include accidents that cause serious personal injury.

When a person is hurt or killed in a car accident, there is much that needs to be done that the victim or the victim’s family is not equipped to handle themselves. An important thing to remember is that insurance companies do not represent victims or policyholders—in fact, they actively seek to minimize or deny any payment. Auto accident attorney Joshua Glotzer truly looks out for his clients’ best interests in the aftermath of a car wreck.

GlotzerLaw, PC helps motor vehicle accident victims in the following practice areas:

What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do After a Car or Truck Accident?

After a car or truck accident, insurance agents and trucking companies will try to put the blame for the accident on victims to avoid paying out auto accident settlements. Their goal is to pay nothing or as little as possible to anyone involved in the accident. The insurance agent is a professional who does this for a living every day; the average person is ill-equipped to stand up for his or her rights and fight back in these situations.

Personal injury attorney Joshua Glotzer can be your advocate after a car or truck accident. Unlike a layperson, he can offer experienced negotiation skills and investigative services, and he can file a lawsuit on your behalf if the other party is not offering a fair settlement. He is not afraid to take a car accident case to court for a trial if he believes it would have better results for his clients.

A car or truck accident case can bring closure, results, and justice to victims and families of people killed in accidents; resulting in the following and more:

  • Holding those who did them harm accountable;
  • Receiving payment for medical bills, car repairs, pain and suffering, lost wages and more;
  • Changing the policies and practices of businesses, insurance companies and/or truck companies to help prevent others from being hurt in a similar manner; and
  • Ensuring victims and their families get the closure and financial assistance they need to heal emotionally and physically.

I Need a Los Angeles Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

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