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Burbank Personal Injury AttorneyOur Burbank personal injury office is conveniently located across from the Burbank Town Center. Burbank is known as being the “Media Capital of the World” and located only five miles or so northeast of Hollywood and twelve miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Currently, just over 100,000 people call this “city of entertainment” home, with the majority of people commuting to Burbank from surrounding So-Cal communities to help run companies such as The Walt Disney Company, ABC Studios, Warner Bros, and NBC.

A lot of those commuting to Burbank do so by vehicle, but as anyone who parks in the area will tell you, parking in Burbank is not cheap. That is why many workers travel by public transport, including Metrolink, Amtrak, and the Burbank Bus.

Unfortunately, all modes of transport, including public transport, have the daily risk of being involved in a truck-related accident.

Los Angeles County Suffers Highest Truck-Related Injuries and Fatalities in State

Out of the numerous counties throughout all of California, Los Angeles County is known for having the highest number of truck-related injuries and fatalities year after year. According to California Highway Patrol. There were:

  • 1,464 truck-related injuries and 46 truck-related fatalities in 2009
  • 1,535 truck-related injuries and 47 truck-related fatalities in 2010
  • 1,607 truck-related injuries and 47 truck-related fatalities in 2011
  • 1,592 truck-related injuries and 39 truck-related facilities in 2012
  • 1,689 truck-related injuries and 53 truck-related fatalities in 2013

These numbers are far too high, though what is more alarming is that despite public awareness campaigns, these numbers are not decreasing each year.

Have You Been Involved in a Truck-Related Accident?

If so, it is important that you first seek medical treatment for any injuries you have sustained. Even if you feel that you have not suffered an injury, soft tissue injuries can start to affect you within hours or days after the accident. By receiving medical attention as soon as possible you can significantly reduce your recovery time, while also ensure that you have third party record of having sustained injuries in the accident.

The next important step is to speak to a personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling truck-related accidents, such as Joshua W. Glotzer. Our law firm has the experience and resources necessary to prove that you were not at fault in any accident, whether that be that a driver was suffering from fatigue, distracted, or was driving under the influence.

If you have been involved in a vehicle-related accident, we invite you to call our Burbank personal injury attorneys at (818) 468-3126. We will aggressively protect and uphold your rights so that you can receive the maximum amount of compensation possible for your claim.

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