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What Happens If I Don’t Show Up for Jury Duty?

Being called for jury duty can feel like a major inconvenience. However, juries serve a major role in our country’s justice system and help preserve our constitutional rights. Criminal defendants and parties involved in personal injury lawsuits often rely on Read More+

Tragic Pasadena Accident Kills Young Husband, Father

A 23-year-old father was recently killed in a tragic Pasadena car accident. The man, who was riding in a vehicle with his wife and young daughter, was struck in the chest when a 30-35 pound boulder came crashing through his Read More+

Filing a Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuit in Los Angeles

If you are active on social media you have undoubtedly seen a woman you know share a story about sexual assault. If you are a woman on social media, you may have even posted your own story about sexual assault. Read More+

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