Premises Liability and Southern California Tourist Attraction Injuries

Southern California is home to some of the country’s most famous and popular theme parks and attractions. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Disney California Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain, SeaWorld, Balboa Fun Zone, and Legoland California are just a few of the tourist magnets populating the southern part of the state. While these attractions can be great […]

Recall Issued for Popular Dresser Following Death of California Boy

Earlier this month, a Buena Park toddler was killed when an Ikea Malm-style three-drawer dresser fell and crushed him. The California boy’s death is the eighth death linked to Ikea’s popular line of dresser drawers. Shortly after the boy’s death, the furniture giant issued a recall for nearly 30 million of its chests and drawers. […]

Hyundai Issues Mass Recall For Defective Seat Belts in Select Models


Seat belts are an important safety feature in passenger vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belts save an estimated 15,000 lives each year. When seat belts are installed in cars, but are defective, they cannot offer this same level of protection. Car manufacturers can be liable for injuries caused by defective […]

Los Angeles Workplace Injury Claims

Have you been injured at work? If so, you may be able to recover compensation to help you recover. In Los Angeles, you will have a very limited amount of time to file a claim. It is extremely important to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. An attorney will help you […]

Using an Expert Witness in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are injured in a California accident and decide to pursue compensation from an at-fault party, your attorney may rely on the testimony of expert witnesses to support your case. When a personal injury attorney takes your case, he or she will launch an independent investigation into the accident that caused your injuries. Part […]

Will Legal Marijuana Cause More Traffic Problems for California?

Medical marijuana has been legal in California for more than two decades. In 2018, recreational marijuana will be legal, as well. Will the further legalization of marijuana pose a significant threat to the safety of California drivers? This is a question posed by many opponents to the legalization of marijuana. California has already seen an […]

Filing a Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuit in Los Angeles

If you are active on social media you have undoubtedly seen a woman you know share a story about sexual assault. If you are a woman on social media, you may have even posted your own story about sexual assault. These stories, marked with the hashtag #MeToo, are very intimate and personal. They reflect a […]

Dealing with Compensation for Medical Bills in California Personal Injury Cases

I have been practicing personal injury law for over 20 years and invariably every time I resolve a case for a client whether at trial or by settlement and inform them of the number and the question arises: “Does that include my medical bills.” The answer is always yes. A personal injury settlement with an […]

Filing a Whiplash Claim After a Los Angeles Car Accident

Car accidents are increasingly common in Los Angeles. In 2014, there were more than 75,000 car accident-related injuries and deaths in Los Angeles County. Victims who are involved in Los Angeles car accidents can suffer from a variety of debilitating and painful injuries. Whiplash is among the most common injuries that drivers and passengers will […]

Fallen Tree Limb Injures Children at Pasadena Daycare Center

Daycare Center

Who can you hold accountable for damages sustained in an accident when mother nature is the apparent culprit? Several Pasadena families may be wondering who they can seek compensation from after their children were struck by a tree limb last month. Three Pasadena children were injured at a daycare center when a limb broke away […]

Pasadena Bicyclist Injured After Choosing Road Without Dedicated Bike Lanes

Despite having some of California’s most bicycle-friendly roads, bike-related traffic accidents are still a problem in Pasadena. In August, a bicycle rider was seriously injured after he collided with a car on Walnut Street. The city of Pasadena actually has over 12 miles of dedicated bike lanes on its roadways. Walnut Street is not one […]

Police Reports Can Help Your Personal Injury Attorney Maximize Your Recovery

If you are involved in a car accident you should immediately report the crash to the local police and request to have an officer sent to the scene. When the officer arrives, ask that they begin to complete a Traffic Collision Report. This report, often referred to as a police report, will be a great […]

Conditions at Pasadena Park Potentially Dangerous

A group of soccer players narrowly escaped injuries when a 15-foot tree branch fell on their team bench in a Pasadena park last month. The players were seeking shade from the hot summer sun when the tree limb above them began to fall. All of the players escaped without serious injuries, though some did suffer […]