Fatal Car Accidents More Likely Over Memorial Day Weekend

For many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer. It’s a time for celebration. It’s also an incredibly dangerous time to be on the road. Studies show that you are four times more likely to be killed in a car accident over Memorial Day weekend than during any other time of the year. Memorial […]

City Pays $6.1 Million After 2015 Motorcycle Crash

In 2015, Philip Ramon Alvarez sustained a traumatic brain injury in a Los Angeles motorcycle accident. His bike reportedly hit several potholes on a San Pedro street, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and crash. Now he’s receiving more than $6 million from the city for his injuries. The Los Angeles City Council […]

Pasadena Woman Killed in Tragic Crane Accident

Earlier this week, a Pasadena woman was killed when the car she was riding in was struck by a falling crane. Sarah Wong, 19, was just a few short weeks from finishing her freshman year at Seattle Pacific University. According to reports, the crane was being used on an active construction site in Seattle. The […]

Should I Accept an Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer?

Life can be stressful after an unexpected car accident. You’re forced to deal with injuries and figure out how to repair or replace a damaged vehicle. Accident-related costs will add up quickly. In fact, it’s common for a car accident to cost thousands of dollars. It’s easy to begin to stress about your financial situation. […]

Is It Legal to Drive Barefoot in Los Angeles?

When you drive in California, you have an obligation to make sure that you don’t put anyone else in harm’s way. State law limits what you can and cannot do behind the wheel. You can’t get behind the wheel if you’re drunk and there are serious restrictions on when and how you can use your […]

Two Killed in Huntington Beach Pedestrian Accidents

Earlier this month, two pedestrians were struck and killed in Huntington Beach traffic accidents. The two accidents occurred several hours apart and are believed to be unrelated. However, reports indicate that neither pedestrian was using a crosswalk at the time the accidents occurred. Huntington Beach Pedestrian Accident Statistics Huntington Beach doesn’t rank as one of […]

Motorcyclist Injured in 2015 Los Angeles Crash to Receive $6.1 Million From the City

A Los Angeles motorcyclist will receive $6.1 million from the city of Los Angeles for injuries he suffered in a 2015 crash. According to reports, Philip Ramon Alvarez was riding his motorcycle in San Pedro when he struck several potholes on Western Ave. The hazardous road conditions caused him to crash. He suffered severe injuries […]

Will I Have to Go to Court If I File a Personal Injury Claim?

An unexpected accident can be expensive. Fortunately, you have the right to obtain compensation if someone else caused your injuries. Thanks to the popularity of legal dramas on TV, it’s widely believed that you’ll have to go to court if you file a personal injury lawsuit. However, this isn’t necessarily true. It’s entirely possible to […]

4 Ways to Stay Safe and Avoid a Car Accident This St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, the fourth most popular drinking holiday in the United States, is just around the corner. Millions of Americans are expected to celebrate by throwing back a few pints of Guinness and some Irish whiskey. Unfortunately, many of these Americans will also get behind the wheel of a car. Statistics show that there […]

How the Statute of Limitations Affects Your Personal Injury Case

You may be thinking about filing a lawsuit or insurance claim if you’ve been injured in a Los Angeles car accident. While you may have the right to obtain compensation, it’s important to know that this right won’t last forever. California state law limits the amount of time you have to initiate a personal injury […]

Who is At Fault for a Lane Splitting Motorcycle Accident?

California is the only state in the country where lane splitting is explicitly legal. Thirty-seven states prohibit the practice, while 12 others don’t have any formal laws on the books. Why is lane splitting legal? Lawmakers believe that allowing motorcyclists to ride between lanes reduces traffic and congestion. There are also studies that suggest lane-splitting […]

What is Subrogation?

When you’re injured in a car accident, you can obtain comepnsation for your injuries. If someone else is to blame, you can get money from their insurance company. However, sometimes an insurance claim can remain unresolved for a lengthy period of time. You need money, so you pay your deductible and your insurance company steps […]

Do I Have to File a Lawsuit To Recover Damages After a Car Accident?

Car accidents in Los Angeles can be expensive. Fortunately, you can obtain compensation if someone else caused your injuries. How do you get the money you deserve? Will you have to file a lawsuit to recover damages? These are questions accident victims frequently raise when meeting with our attorneys for the first time. Insurance Is […]

Six Injured in Amtrak Bus Crash

Six people were injured in an Amtrak passenger bus crash in Santa Barbara County earlier this month. According to reports, the bus was traveling southbound on the 101 when it began to drift off the road. The vehicle veered into the shoulder, struck a tree, and rolled down a large dirt drainage pipe before flipping […]

Who’s Responsible for a Car Accident If It’s Raining?

Los Angeles has some of the most congested and heavily-traveled roads in the country. Under normal conditions, traffic in and around the city can be quite dangerous. When it rains, things can get much worse. Drivers, unfamiliar with how to drive safely in wet and rainy conditions, often panic and get into car accidents. A […]