Families Devastated After 5 Killed in Santa Ana Plane Crash

Earlier this month 5 people were killed when a small plane crash-landed in a parking lot in Santa Ana. According to reports, the cause of the accident was not immediately known to investigators. The outcome of the investigation will help to determine (a) why the accident happened and (b) who is to blame. These answers […]

Scooters Gaining Popularity In Los Angeles But Causing More Accidents

Motorized scooters have become an incredibly popular form of transportation across the country. This is particularly true in urban neighborhoods and cities. In Los Angeles, scooters are even available for rent. Scooters offer an alternative to large vehicles while also providing speed. Most scooters can reach up to 15 MPH. Unfortunately, scooter accidents have become […]

Three Teens Injured in Garden Grove Intersection Accident

Three teen boys were recently injured in Garden Grove when an SUV ran a red light. According to police, the boys were in a marked crosswalk and making their way across a popular intersection when they were struck by the SUV. Fortunately, none of the boys died in the accident. However, they were transported to […]

Four Critically Injured in Los Angeles Bus Crash

Twenty-five people were recently injured in an early morning bus crash on a Los Angeles freeway. The bus reportedly collided with sand-filled buffers, crashed into a concrete bridge, and then flipped onto its side. After the crash, most of the passengers were taken to hospitals in the area for medical attention. At least four of […]

NCIS Actress Injured While Making Left-Hand Turn in Los Angeles

Everyone has to be careful when making left-hand turns in Los Angeles, even Oscar-winning actresses. Earlier this week, Linda Hunt, who has a starring role on the hit CBS show NCIS: Los Angeles, learned this the hard way. Hunt was hospitalized after sustaining minor injuries in a Los Angeles crash. According to reports, Hunt was […]

Los Angeles Agrees to Pay $14 Million After Fatal Venice Beach Crash

Nearly five years after a tragic Venice Beach car accident, Los Angeles has agreed to put an end to several legal disputes. County lawmakers have unanimously agreed to pay as much as $14 million in damages to three families that had filed personal injury lawsuits against the government. The civil actions were in response to […]

Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Norwalk Hit and Run Crash

A hit and run accident in Norwalk has left a motorcyclist in critical condition. According to report, the hit and run driver was leaving the parking lot of a convenience store on Pioneer Boulevard when he emerged directly into the path of a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist had no opportunity to stop and crashed, full-speed, into […]

Can I Shoot Down My Neighbor’s Drone?

Drones are becoming more and more popular across the country. Once reserved for use by the military, drones are gaining traction with corporations and personal users. If you took a trip down to the Santa Monica State Beach, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to see several small drones zipping through the air. As drones become […]

Leading Causes of Deadly Teen Car Accidents

While teens may be excited about the newfound independence that accompanies a driver’s license, parents in Los Angeles have a right to be concerned about their child’s safety. Car accidents are a leading cause of teenage deaths in the United States. Statistics show that new teen drivers are three times as likely as adults to […]

What is an Auto Accident Release Form and Should I Sign One?

Car accidents can be incredibly painful, emotionally overwhelming, and financially stressful. The average cost of a bodily injury claim is somewhere around $15,000, while catastrophic injuries can cost a car accident victim hundreds of thousands of dollars. As an accident victim, you are generally entitled to recover compensation for your injuries. This compensation can be […]

California Accident and Injury Claims Involving Uber

Millions of people all over the world use Uber for their personal transportation needs. The ride share concept has become a significant part of the worlds transportation needs being utilized for every aspect of daily life. Long are the days were one hailed a cab on a street corner or reserved a cab for a […]

Six Bicycle Laws You Need to Know

As summer gets closer, more and more people are choosing to ride their bikes around Los Angeles. If you choose to ride a bicycle in Los Angeles it is important to understand your obligations as a rider. Do you know the most important bicycle laws in California? We’ve put together a list of bicycle laws […]

When Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles roads continue to be a dangerous place for pedestrians. Earlier this month, a pedestrian was killed when he was walking near the intersection of walking near the intersection of Central Avenue Olympic Boulevard. Reports explain that a semi-truck struck the pedestrian and then immediately fled the scene. This latest fatal pedestrian accident highlights […]

Are You Required to Report a Los Angeles Car Accident?

If you are involved in a Los Angeles car accident, you may wonder if you have a legal obligation to report the crash to police? The answer may surprise you. Unless you or another person has suffered a bodily injury or sustained significant property damage, you generally do not have a duty to report an […]

Four Most Common Car Accidents

Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are increasingly common on Los Angeles roads and highways. These crashes can cause you to suffer serious and life-changing injuries. The risk of suffering certain injuries often depends on the type of crash in which you are involved. In Los Angeles, some types of car accidents occur more frequently than others. Rear-End Collision […]