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Car accidents are increasingly common on Los Angeles roads and highways. These crashes can cause you to suffer serious and life-changing injuries. The risk of suffering certain injuries often depends on the type of crash in which you are involved. In Los Angeles, some types of car accidents occur more frequently than others.

Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions are the most frequently reported type of car accident in the country. In fact, 28 percent of all car accidents are rear-end crashes. As the name suggests, a rear-end crash occurs when one car strikes the back of another car.

Rear-end collisions frequently occur at red and yellow lights, four-way stops, and other intersections. Driver distraction can contribute to a rear-end crash. For example, if a driver is texting at a red light, they may not immediately see the light turn green. If the driver behind them is in a hurry, they may accelerate into the rear of the distracted driver’s car. Following too closely on a highway can also cause a chain-reaction of rear-end collisions.

Injuries that are frequently reported in rear-end accidents include whiplash and spinal cord damage.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents occur when a car is flipped from its position on all four wheels. A rollover can result in a car to roll 90 degrees to on its side, 180 degrees on its roof, or 360 degrees to its normal position. While most cars are prone to rollovers, SUVs and larger vehicles are more susceptible. You may notice that certain vehicles, such as the Jeep Wrangler, come equipped with rollover bars to minimize injury in the event of a crash.

Rollovers, which are generally the result of speeding, are incredibly dangerous to occupants inside, who are at an increased risk of suffering injuries to the chest, spinal cord, and brain. Amputations and paralysis are frequently reported in rollover accidents.

Intersection Crashes

Nearly one-third of all traffic accidents involve an intersection. Common causes of intersection accidents include:

  • Rolling through a red light to make a right-hand turn
  • Speeding to beat a yellow light
  • Making a left-hand turn with limited visibility
  • Rear-end collisions caused by distracted drivers
  • Failure to see a pedestrian in a crosswalk, and
  • Failure to yield.

Intersection crashes frequently involve head-on and side-impact collisions. As a result, the risk of suffering a serious injury – including those to the chest, spinal column, and brain – is much greater.

Single Car Crashes

Traffic accidents do not necessarily have to involve more than one vehicle. In fact, a significant number of accidents actually involve a single car.

Teenage Drivers

Single car crashes are reported frequently when teens and other young drivers are behind the wheel. These young drivers do not yet have the skills and experience that may be necessary to adapt to changes in the environment, traffic, and weather. Difficulty navigating a car in inclement weather or on unfamiliar roads can cause teens to crash into utility poles, guard rails, trees, and signage.

Drunk Drivers

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous. When you are intoxicated, your ability to navigate a car safely is diminished. Many single car accidents involve drivers who, because they are under the influence, are unable to maintain their lane. Sometimes drivers even fall asleep, causing their car to drift into nearby hazards.

Threat to Pedestrians

While single car accidents may only involve one vehicle, they often impact pedestrians and bystanders. The pedestrian can be directly involved in the crash (i.e., hit by a vehicle), or affected by a series of events triggered by the accident (i.e., struck by a tree that is uprooted by a crash).

Get Help After Your Los Angeles Car Accident

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